You could use a similar concept

To put the focus on the main message of your own email. 2. Eye-catching typography Typography can be a very powerful way to convey a specific feeling, emotion, or idea. So it’s no surprise that unique, eye-catching typography will be huge in 2023. Think of typography as more than just a way to display text. Instead, consider it a design element. Have your text interact with your illustration or photo. Use it to represent a shape or idea. Brewbike, for example, used a bold serif font to announce that one of its blends was out of stock.The text disappears behind the bag of coffee, blending in and out of the graphic. You can also just use a unique font that fits the theme of your email.

Dairy Queen used a font with

A “groovy” feel for a headline that said, “It’s chill out day!” It’s a bold, colorful, fun way to introduce a special offer. Dairy Queen email with typography graphic design trend Here are a few considerations to make when getting creative with typography: Keep  Denmark Business Email List readability in mind. Make sure that subscribers can still read your text. Don’t sacrifice legibility for creativity. Remember accessibility. Along those same lines, make sure that you make accommodations for those with vision impairments. For example, if you include typography in your graphics, make sure you include it in the alt text for that image.

Don’t forget to build a font stack

A font stack tells email clients what font they should use if your preferred option isn’t available. This is particularly critical when using unique typography. 3. Creative gradients Gradients are an excellent way to add visual interest to your email designs, while still accommodating any text or graphic elements you want to highlight. And unique gradients UAE Cell Number  are going to start showing up more and more in 2023 graphic design trends – think abstract designs and irregular blends. Abstract gradients aren’t as uniform as linear and radial gradients. This gives them a sort of surreal effect that can really make your design stand out. A great example are these stunning backgrounds from a Tuts+ tutorial: And take a look at this landing page concept that uses the graphic design trend.

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