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Emails with only a few lines of copy that might get significantly . More engagement than the email design with countdowns  GIFs  and all kinds of bells and whistles. How do you know? Well you have to test. The Inbox Insights 2023 survey found that. Quality Assurance  and  testingwere at the bottom of the list of things senders say contribute to success.

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Testing should be the backbone of your email marketing strategy . Here’s what you need to know about the two kinds of testing techniques you can use why they’re  Canada Business Email List important, and how to start incorporating them into your email design flow. Two kinds of testing for email optimization When we talk about testing emails we’re really talking about. Two different kinds of email testing: Quality assurance and A/B testing.

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Two of the most important tactics in your email optimization strategy.  Email quality assurance aka pre-send testing Email quality assurance or email QA is the standard practice of testing how your email appears in multiple email clients before you send  UAE Cell Number the email. This is typically meant to preview your email design, copy and technical elements to ensures it looks the way you want it to for every email client. This is the type of testing Email on Acid by Sinch provides.

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