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A chatbot will almost immediately respond to customers 24/7 too. That’s much better than waiting on hold forever or waiting through the weekend for customer service to return an email.

Email’s role in omnichannel

When brands engage with customers on a variety of channels, and those conversations can continue from channel to channel while retaining context, that’s what’s called omnichannel communication. Unlike a multichannel approach where communication is siloed, an omnichannel strategy integrates everything into a connected experience.

But will omnichannel lead to email’s downfall and a reduction in email marketing jobs? Not likely.

Email is poised to play a significant part in this evolution in customer communication. For one thing, as it stands today, email is an indispensable channel. It’s pretty darn impossible to conduct business of any kind without email.

Surveys and industry studiesas one of the most effective marketing channels  Tanzania Business Email List  with the highest return on investment. Aers want to receive promotional emails on a weekly basis.

Facts and findings like these make it clear why companies building omnichannel communication platforms are

How can email adapt to the changes?

Still, does any of this let us assume that email marketing jobs are 100% safe? The truth is, there are some things that will help to ensure that email retains its relevance.

Here are three ways email can adapt to an omnichannel world:

  1. Integration: Email needs to connect with other channels to share data and information while providing a seamless customer experience. That means it will need to be part of something like a solution and include a flexible
  2. Automation and AI: To keep pace with things like chatbot technology, brands need to include more (AKA triggered emails) based on customer behaviors. The pursuit of highly personalized, 1-to-1 email marketing strategies should continue. Beyond optimizing email performance, artificial intelligence could be used to automate email responses in a way that’s similar to chatbots.
  3. Conversation: Omnichannel communication involves two-way  UAE Cell Number conversations in which customers and brands interact. This is the opposite of batch-and-blasting emails. Getting rid of those and finding ways to respond via email in meaningful ways is key.

Those are some ways that email itself can improve as the digital communication landscape transforms. But what about those of us with email marketing jobs? What can we do to stay in demand?

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