Why should I use an email preview tool?

But, if the preheader text read something like “Having trouble viewing this email?” it wouldn’t exactly bode well for recipients if they open it. It could even negatively impact your open rates. This problem, however, is pretty easy to fix. You can either use enough preheader text before the “view in browser” link copy to ensure it only displays within the message, or you can add your “view in browser” link somewhere else. Many brands include it as part of their .

2. Messed-up metrics

Ever since the  it’s become less important to measure open rates and more important to count clicks when evaluating an email’s success. When subscribers click a “view this email in your browser” link, it can make things harder to measure.

For one thing, you may not consider a click to view the web version of your email a click you want to measure. Instead, you might want to focus on clicks that go to your website or application. Things could get even more complicated as subscribers click on links from the web version to your website. When we  Saint Kitts and Nevis Business Email List experimented with a couple of platforms, we found that clicks from the web version didn’t show up as clicks in the email analytics. However, these programs were also ignoring clicks on the “view in browser” link.

If people visit your website from the

Web-hosted version of a campaign, the referral source in a program like Google Analytics may not indicate clicks came from email either. The best thing you can do here is to be aware that browser views can impact your metrics. You can also useand tracking links to make sure your measurements are accurate.

You may also run into situations when you want to know UAE Cell Number how often the “view in browser” link gets clicked. If it gets a lot of clicks, it could be a sign the link is adding value and is worth keeping. However, it could also mean you should be doing more to ensure your emails render correctly in different inboxes.

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