What technology is important to email marketers

But when marketers rely on models to determine their own marketing attribution, they run into problems like correlation-based bias, missed message signals, and in-market bias. Instead of relying on outdated models, marketing attribution software helps you identify key opportunities so you can develop the optimal email marketing tactic.

  • Email marketing software:  and employ  via marketing tech to streamline your workflows and boost your marketing efforts.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software: Marketing is about developing relationships with your customers. What better way to keep tabs on your subscribers than through CRM software that can map each customer journey and flag touchpoints along the way? B2B brands can use CRM software to manage leads.
  • Customer experience software:  Managing your customer experience is part of creating a good marketing experience. Customer experience software helps you manage how your readers interact with your brand and allows you to conduct A/B testing to optimize your email programs.

Questions to consider when building a marketing technology stack from scratch

In our report,  we surveyed best-in-class marketers about how they identify, compare, and implement tech tools for their teams. Here are some  Burma Business Email List key questions these marketing leaders ask as they make purchase decisions and evaluate existing solutions to build a MarTech stack that fits their brand’s needs:

  1. Why do we need this marketing technology?
  2. Will it be easy to implement?
  3. Will it integrate with existing MarTech platforms?
  4. What kind of data does the technology provide?
  5. Can we customize it to meet our needs?
  6. Will it scale with our company as we grow?
  7. What do others say about it?
  8. What are the costs, and how do I get others to buy in?
  9. What kind of onboarding and ongoing support is provided?

Let’s unpack each of these questions below.

1. Why do we need this marketing technology?

A good MarTech stack (the collection of software employed by marketing departments) helps you drive productiveness and ultimately do more with fewer resources (people, time, and money). Tech platforms should enable email marketing teams to stay lean and focused while also allowing them to significantly scale their efforts.

Our survey with found marketing leaders most often cited these goals as the top three reasons for implementing a new tech tool:

  1. Improving marketing efficiency (51%)
  2. Improving data quality (45%)

Innovation can sometimes be a distraction. Before UAE Cell Number  you chase the , make sure you know what problems you aim to solve with them and what you expect to get from implementation.

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