What exactly is personalization

While web development standards are relatively uniform – meaning HTML elements and CSS properties generally have the same support across web browsers – the same isn’t true for email development. In fact, there are a lot of .

For example, Microsoft Outlook may block images that work perfectly in Gmail.  may render in Yahoo Mail but not in AOL. By testing and previewing your emails, you’ll prevent your messages from rendering incorrectly for your readers.

Here are some other reasons to use an email preview tool:

1. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook. That one word strikes fear and frustration in the minds of many email geeks. While has its idiosyncracies, Outlook tends to be the problem child. For starters, if you wonder why email developers have to use tables so much, Outlook is the answer. Among the problems with this email client, Microsoft Word   is the rendering engine for Windows desktop version of Outlook. (Have you ever tried to design something decent in Word?)

If you’re sending , fixing rendering issues with Outlook could be extra important. More than 1 million companies around the world use Office 365 with Outlook for email communication.

We’ll spare you the details here. But you can read about  and find out how to fix them.

2. Dark mode discrepancies

In recent years, the rise of dark mode user interfaces has given email marketers another reason to test and preview campaigns. As with many other things,  are handled differently  Cuba Business Email List depending on the mailbox provider. A reliable email preview tool delivers screenshots in both light and dark mode so email developers can adjust when needed. Find out more about the biggest .

If you don’t test dark mode emails, weird color inversions can happen, copy could be unreadable, and your  into the darkness.

3. Font failures

The font or typeface you choose to use could be important to your brand, including style guidelines you’re supposed to follow. But if you’re using web fonts or something very unique, it may not be supported on all email clients. For instance, did you know Gmail doesn’t support the display of Google Fonts? Strange but true.

If you aren’t testing and previewing emails, some UAE Cell Number subscribers may end up seeing a default font like Times New Roman. But previews can help inform email teams when they should be  as a fallback.

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