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Ever wish you could see into the future of your email marketing campaigns? What if you had some sort of  that helped you catch problems with emails before they ended up in inboxes? That’s what an  can do for you.

Picture this… You’ve dedicated days, weeks, and maybe even months to your email marketing campaign. Wouldn’t it be awful if your layout and graphics came out all mangled?

The truth is, that sort of thing happens to HTML emails all the time. What may look absolutely perfect in your email builder looks like a hot mess in some of your subscribers’ inboxes.

That’s why here at Email on Acid by Sinch, we like to say,  every time! When sending email campaigns, an email preview tool is your best friend. Let’s explore what email previews are and why using them is so convenient. We’ll also touch on how  improve your email marketing campaigns.

You might assume the mobile, desktop, and tablet previews Costa Rica Business Email List available in lots of email marketing software are all you need. However, as you’ll find, an email preview tool shows you much more than that.

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What are email previews?

As an email user, a preview might be what you see in a pane inside your inbox before you open the message. But email previews take on a different meaning when it comes to (QA).

Email previews are sort of like a crystal ball that can see into your subscribers’ inboxes. They’ll give you an idea of what your HTML email will look like when it is opened in different email clients and devices. Email clients, like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, differ in how they display the same email message because HTML and CSS handling aren’t standardized in email clients the same way they are on most web browsers.

In the most basic sense email previews


  • Emulated previews simulate how specific email clients render emails. This enables you to preview emails without a physical device like a desktop or smartphone.
  • Live previews render your emails by sending an email  UAE Cell Number to an actual email client on a physical device and recording the results.

Email on Acid uses a combination of live and emulated previews, but 0

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