What are email previews?

All email marketers aim to deliver perfect emails to every subscriber, regardless of the device and mailbox provider they use. That’s where the practice of comes into play. Essentially, this is part of the  process wherein marketers preview email campaigns in various clients and devices to make sure everything looks as close to what they initially intended.

There are email geeks out there who would

Argue that the “view in browser” link is too old school and maybe even lazy. Platforms like Email on Acid by Sinch haves to help marketers find and fix email issues before they hit send. Some customer relationship management (CRM) software and ESPs such as  also include email previews for pre-send testing.

Because testing platforms like Email on Acid exist, it may not always be necessary to include the “view this email in your browser” link. If you’re confident about sending campaigns  Mexico Business Email List without one, that’s totally fine. And, if you’re only sending plaintext emails or emails with minimal design, viewing the email in a browser won’t change the experience much – if at all. Still, there’ll most likely be situations where a “view in browser” link will be helpful.

When and why to use a view in browser link

While it’s never really a bad idea to include a way for UAE Cell Number  subscribers to view HTML emails in a web browser, there are some situations in which it makes a lot of sense:

  1. Email campaigns with multiple images
  2. Emails with important animations
  3. Interactive content in emails

Let’s look at why the “view in browser” link is helpful in these instances:

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