How to use email marketing for college recruitment

Think about how these pages and content relate to prospective students. Is it content that reflects what someone would look for when choosing where to go to college? Once you’ve identified the right places to add an email subscription form, start split testing different versions of the form to see what’s most effective. Try different CTAs, form fields, headlines, and value propositions. Gating college content for subscriber acquisition If you have downloadable content on your college website, consider gating certain pieces so you can collect the email addresses of potential students. This could include brochures or PDFs that would be of interest to students considering a specific field of study. Perhaps you could gate videos from high-profile professors or coaches.

You could also create guides to the city in

which your college is located. That’s an important selling point for many schools. College email newsletters You probably have email newsletters for university alumni as well as current students and staff. But what about prospective students who are considering your college? The best and brightest students may start their search for the right school years before they’re ready to enroll. An email newsletter helps you establish a relationship with these  Greece Phone Number List young people while giving you the chance to highlight campus life, educational opportunities, and more. A newsletter for applicants allows you to curate and deliver content that they’ll care about. They don’t need to know the days final exams will take place. But they may be interested in seeing photos of updates to student facilities.

They aren’t going to make any donations just yet

But they may need help finding financial assistance or choosing a major. Get tips on how to create an email newsletter from our friends at Mailjet by Sinch. Landing pages for college recruitment Besides considering search traffic, use paid digital ads that target students and drive them to landing pages on the website where they can subscribe to your emails. If possible, make acquiring new email subscribers the sole purpose of the landing page. Explain UAE Cell Number  the benefits of subscribing by telling visitors what you plan to send them and how it will help them in their search for the right place to attend college. Segmenting college email subscribers Once you’ve built a list of college recruits, look for ways to split contacts up into segments.

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