Using an Email Preview Tool: Why Email Client Testing Matters

When the link is clicked, your subscribers are viewing a web-hosted version of the email instead of engaging inside their inbox. Here’s why that sometimes needs to happen…

The way an HTML

Email looks and functions in

Gmail may not be the same in an Outlook inbox, or the Yahoo Mail client, or for someone using Apple Mail. Email clients render things differently and have inconsistent support for  Jamaica Business Email List certain features and ways of coding campaigns.

If you’re an email veteran

B2B Email List

This is probably old news

However, you may be a digital marketer who’s been sending email campaigns for years, and you had no idea that a proportion of your list isn’t seeing the same thing  UAE Cell Number you’re seeing. The “view in browser” link gives your subscribers an alternative way to view and engage with your email marketing campaign. Of course, forcing people to leave their inbox to read a marketing email isn’t exactly an ideal experience, and you should try your best to design and code emails that work for your entire email list.

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