Tools for successful email marketing

Hear that? It’s the sound of fresh new emails waking up from hibernation after the holiday season. Those campaign ideas are just waiting to be shaped into a successful email marketing strategy.

The end of the year can always be an exhausting time to be an email marketer (and let’s be real, your inbox is tired too.) That’s why now is the perfect time to freshen up your email program and build good habits for the year to come.

What makes a successful email campaign?

If you’re looking to build a more successful email marketing program in 2023, you’re not alone. Before we begin, though, it’s important to understand what success looks like. What are you optimizing for? Every email  Greece Business Email List marketing program is slightly different, but the most important element is sending emails your subscribers want to read.

Notice how the words “buy,” “purchase,” or “click” aren’t in that sentence.

That’s because sending emails your subscribers want to read — emails they look forward to receiving — is the best way to achieve your business goals. When you meet your subscriber expectations, you’ll see:

  • Better deliverability: More emails that make it to the inbox vs. caught in spam filters and a decrease in spam complaints and unsubscribes.
  • More engagement: More opens, clicks, shares, and responses.
  • Higher conversion percentage: More subscribers that turn into buyers.
  • More subscribers: When word gets around that you send great emails, it’s easier to draw people into your funnel in the first place.
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10 keys to successful email marketing

We’ve been at this email marketing thing for a while now, and year after year, it’s the foundational, small habits that add up to bigger UAE Cell Number  email marketing success. While there will always be a shiny new trend to hop on to (AI, anyone?), remember to focus on the fundamentals first. If you’re ready for email marketing success in 2023, here are ten best practices and good habits we recommend:

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