University Email Campaigns: Tips for College Marketing

Universities in the United States and the United Kingdom have a bit of an enrollment problem on their hands. However, it’s an issue that strategic university email campaigns may be able to help remedy. In the US, college student enrollment is down significantly. According to The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, there are around 1-million fewer students enrolled now than before the pandemic began. Thanks to the labor shortage, wages for jobs that don’t require a degree are up. So, it seems young people are reconsidering the value of an expensive college education.

It’s a different problem in the UK

where universities are feeling the pain of Brexit. Applications from European Union (EU) students were down 56% in 2021. One result of Brexit is that higher education in Great Britain is more expensive for EU students. Meantime, international student enrollment at US colleges is also down 15% year-over-year. All this means a competitive recruitment strategy is  Germany Phone Number List needed to attract new students. Let’s explore the ways email supports a strong college marketing strategy. How to use email marketing for college recruitment While email is just one channel in the marketing mix, it’s a crucial one. The inboxes of prospective students represent a direct connection to college recruits and their families. Forget buying your first car or home, choosing which college to attend is one of the biggest (and potentially costliest) life decisions people ever make.

Email can support college marketing

from the beginning to the end of a student’s journey towards the school of their choice. Going to college animated gif Acquiring student email subscribers Before you can communicate with anyone, you need to convince them to subscribe to your emails in the first place. Typically, that means getting prospective students to visit your website as they begin to  UAE Cell Number research their options. While SEO and content strategy may not be your responsibility as an email marketer, you can work with these teams to find the right places on the website to embed email subscription forms. Find out which pages and articles get the most traffic and engagement on your school’s website.

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