The most-lovable email marketing benefits

When, digital marketing teams really do build amazing things. Coding and designing both require a creative approach. But Email Marketing Manager Julia Ritter from  reminds us that, in addition to creativity, this job requires analytical thinking too.

“Email is unique because it’s both left- and right-brain oriented. We use data and analytics to identify the interests and behaviors of our audiences, but we design campaigns that are creative and fun so that we can make an impact and grow relationships. It’s fun for the whole family.”
~ Julia Ritter, Mailjet by Sinch

Someone needs to look at those open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. But, Julia knows that understanding email metrics can lead to creative ideas.

4. Email marketing is personal

One of the more advanced ways to design a relevant inbox experience that subscribers will love is through dynamic content. Brooke Grief is a content USA Phone Number List marketing manager at , and she sees dynamic content as a way to take email’s versatility to new heights with advanced personalization.

“We’ve all heard the legend of its impressive ROI, but that’s not the only reason why email is touted as a powerful marketing channel. Something that I’ve always appreciated and admired about marketing emails is the ability to add dynamic content. Customers like it when emails are customized for them.

No one else is getting the email that shows everything they just browsed. That’s just for them. As a marketer, being able to include dynamic content in emails gives teams the ability to create content that connects with each customer on an individual level. And dynamic content goes beyond just pulling in products. Using customer data like zip code, time zone, etc., brands can create emails that are hyper-personalized, without manual effort. Voila!”
~ Brooke Grief, Iterable

The report  from Mailjet by Sinch includes a survey  UAE Cell Number result that found 84% of best-in-class marketers are using dynamic email content – one-third say they use it extensively.  Sometimes falling in love again requires trying new things to keep the romance alive. Maybe dynamic email content is exactly what you need!


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