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Update templates, automations, and more to keep up with the new year. And no matter which trend you decide to embrace, it’s always a good idea to A/B test design changes. This allows you to clearly see if the new design is effective and monitor . Any changes – good or bad – to your engagement. Perfect your email designs before you hit send The last thing you want is to invest . Money into cutting-edge, on-trend emails just for them to flop in the inbox . Because it doesn’t display the way you expected. But challenges with email client rendering discrepancies are a big concern for designers and developers. Protect your investment with Email on Acid’s suite of email testing tools. If you often get anxious right before you deploy a new email (who doesn’t?), Campaign Precheck gives you an automated checklist that can eliminate mistakes and stress. Instead of manually reviewing each and every email, and opening yourself up to mistakes, you can preview your email on dozens of clients, run email accessibility checks, validate the images in your emails, and more.

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To put your best email forward. And if you need a tool to help you build your email designs, check out the responsive Mailjet Email Editor. EVEN GREAT EMAILS NEED TO BE TESTED It’s true: Even well-designed emails can break from time to time. That’s why email testing is an important part of  Netherland Business Email List sending a successful campaign. Email on Acid tests your email code quickly and accurately, allowing you to preview your design across more than 100 of the most popular email clients and devices.Try us free and start delivering email perfection!Year in Review: Email on Acid in 2022 0 Even though a year can fly by like nobody’s business, that doesn’t mean there was no time to get stuff done.

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The course of 365 days. Many of us are about to do a little self-reflection as we head into 2023, and that’s a good thing. SaaS brands can look back on what was accomplished in a year’s time too. Call it “SaaS-reflection” if you will (but we digress). Here’s a rewind of 2022 and a rundown of what turned out to be a big year for Email on Acid. The Sinch acquisition Sinch logo You may recall UAE Cell Number that Email on Acid joined the company formerly known as Pathwire in the middle of 2021. A few months later, we found out we were joining an even bigger family when Sinch acquired the Pathwire brands Mailgun, Mailjet, and Email on Acid. While the Sinch acquisition became official late last year, things really got rolling in 2022.

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