Test holiday emails to stay off the naughty list

Fat fingers – that’s what we all blame our typos and capitalization errors on, right? While this may win you a modicum of understanding from your readers, it’s no excuse not to properly or proofread your email copy. Make a good impression by keeping your copy clean of spelling errors and other typos. More importantly, too many typos and capitalization errors may look like red flags to mailbox providers and spam filters. You want to land in the inbox – not on the blocklist.

8. Use proper punctuation

Let’s eat, Grandma! and Let’s eat Grandma! are one comma apart. Yes, one comma can make that much of a difference. As you’re drafting your email copy, be sure you’re also checking your comma usage, periods, exclamation points, and quotation marks. Create consistency in your email content with your punctuation marks. And, don’t use too many exclamation marks!!!!! This can set off spam filters.

Improve your grammar and style with ProWritingAid

Improving the grammar and style of your emails can make them more effective and likely to convert customers. But your average spelling and grammar checkers won’t be able to spot most of the mistakes highlighted in this article.

That’s where  comes in. ProWritingAid offers world-class  Chile Business Email List grammar and style checking combined with in-depth reports on readability, jargon, sticky sentences, and more.  lets you edit where you write, including right within the Email on Acid platform. That way, you can .

By using ProWritingAid with Email on Acid, you can ensure your emails are customer- and conversion-ready.

Final thoughts

Improving the grammar and style of your email marketing campaigns can make your writing sharper, clearer, and more effective. The better your writing, the higher the chance your email will convert. Tools like ProWritingAid coupled with in the Email on Acid platform can help marketers run quality assurance on every campaign.

Looking for more tips? Check out our . And  UAE Cell Number as always, don’t forget to test. Before sending your ecommerce emails out into the wild, check out our  to ensure your emails display as intended.

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