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There’s nothing like an effective, thoughtfully-worded subject line to make us beam with pride. An email’s is a mammoth to tackle, let alone the following content. We thought it fitting to get your creative juices flowing this month with some top-shelf subject line inspiration.

This element of email is small but mighty. As many as  say an email’s subject line determines whether or not they’ll open it.

We’ll explore ten great email subject lines to inspire you for your next email marketing campaign and to boost your open rates.

Subject line inspiration from 10 smart brands

Since teaming up with the subject line experts at Phrasee to learn the secret sauce behind the, we’ve been looking for some prime examples out in the inbox wild. Check out Bosnia and Herzegovina Business Email List our top pick of the ten best email subject lines to boost your marketing strategy. We’ll cover the following scenarios:

  1. Cancellation email
  2. Welcome email
  3. Webinar announcement
  4. Thank you email
  5. Announcement email
  6. Onboarding email
  7. Legal/privacy update email
  8. Apology email
  9. Purchase confirmation email
  10. New product email

Let’s dig in!

1. Show you care – even if they’re leaving

Subject line: Share your thoughts?

What we liked: Obviously, it hurts when someone unsubscribes or cancels their account. That’s why we love Cometteer’s approach subject line for their cancellation confirmation email. They don’t take themselves too seriously and show they want feedback even though a less-than-stellar user experience caused their reader to unsubscribe:

2. Send a tailored welcome email

Subject line: Welcome to Your Tailored Bathroom.

What we liked: Make a good first impression and snag your reader’s attention. Good subject lines give your email recipient an idea of the email content while also inviting them to open the email in the first place.

While most brands use a “Welcome to [company name]” subject line for their first welcome email, Hawthorne took a different approach. They lightly remind new subscribers  UAE Cell Number who they are and what they do while piquing interest in the inbox. The subject line is cleverly obscure for readers unfamiliar with the brand and begs them to open the email to see what their “tailored bathroom” looks like, or rather what even is a “tailored bathroom”? Check it out:

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