Black Friday is one of those events in the holiday season that applies to just about every brand and, for that reason, every email marketer.

We see all kinds of Black Friday email marketing in our inboxes, taking mental notes for our own holiday messages. Also, more brands are finding clever ways to drive  to increase their reach.

The success of your Black Friday email campaign relies on various factors, including a focused goal, a stellar email subject line, and great email content. Let’s go through some Black Friday email designs, including last-minute subscriber sign-ups, great subject lines, and campaign examples.

How to use Black Friday to get last-minute subscriber sign-ups

One focused goal for your Black Friday campaign is to grow your email list subscriber base.

We’ve talked about ways to encourage email list sign-ups . Check out how these three brands expertly used the days (and hours) leading up to their Black Friday campaigns to ensure everyone who wanted a piece of their ecommerce promotions could get on their list in time.

1. United by Blue

United by Blue (@unitedbyblue) strategically used an Instagram Story to drive both subscriber sign-ups and web traffic to their Black Friday  Maldives Business Email List sale using the “swipe up” functionality.

When you swipe up, you’re taken to their Black Friday landing page, which is optimized for mobile and has a simple pop-up subscriber form. Within seconds, Instagram visitors become new subscribers to your email list.


In marketing, the feeling of missing out (FOMO) can be a major factor in  and decision-making. Even if someone isn’t a promoter of your brand, you can still motivate them to join your community by hinting that they’ll miss out on something if they don’t. FOMO may be the most eye-roll-inducing acronym ever, but it’s still real and influential in motivating people to subscribe.

Parachute (@parachutehome) executed this flawlessly with their sponsored Instagram Story. They kept their copy minimal, used a contextual image for anyone unfamiliar with their offering, and included their branding.

3. Prose

Exclusivity is another well-known approach. You’re playing to people’s egos. It’s the thrill of knowing they’ll get early access to sale items before they’re sold out. Yes, lean into that sense of urgency – even without a countdown timer.

One of the main reasons Black Friday deals, Black Friday weekend, and Cyber Monday emails draw such a crowd is because inventory only lasts for a limited time. People want to buy their gifts before they’re out of stock. Offering early access to fully stocked product pages can be an effective way to drive sign-ups.

Prose (@prose) added a bit of mystique to capture attention and pique the innate desire to be on an exclusive list. Above all, be intentional with  UAE Cell Number your copy. Don’t underestimate the allure of words and phrases like “unlock” and “early access” for prospective subscribers.

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