Start testing emails in dark mode

Feeling in the dark about whether your subscribers are opening emails in dark mode? Now you can track dark mode opens using  from Email on Acid by Sinch.

Dark mode usage is a popular topic of discussion among both email developers and marketers. Lots of people wonder how popular dark mode for email really is. What’s the big-picture breakdown between people who prefer ? Turns out, that’s pretty tough to calculate.

But here’s the thing… a statistic that covers the average doesn’t mean much to you. What you really need to know is how many people on your contact list are opening emails in dark mode.

Why is understanding dark mode usage helpful?

Ask any email developer, coding emails for dark mode isn’t easy. It creates extra work because, as you may have heard, email clients are inconsistent in the way they render HTML and CSS. The dark mode user experience is yet another area of inconsistency.

Some email clients invert the colors used in your email campaigns, and they all do it a little differently. If you aren’t optimizing for dark mode in the inbox, your emails could be unreadable for some subscribers. There are also issues with logos in dark mode as some graphics can disappear against the background in a darker user interface.

It’s highly likely that a significant portion of your list is viewing emails in dark mode. However, knowing how many subscribers prefer dark UX helps you understand how much time and effort you should spend

Now, when you log in to the Email on Acid application, you’ll notice a new breakdown of email clients in Analytics. In the list of top clients, certain dark mode options will appear separately. For example, you’ll notice how Apple Mail’s results in the screenshot below shows a dark-mode-specific result.

Take note, this is a hypothetical example and does not necessarily reflect a sender’s typical results.  It’s also important to mention that this feature is only available for email clients that support the media query prefers-color-scheme-dark. This is what allows developers to build themes  Bhutan Business Email List for dark and light mode, and it allows us to track opens in dark mode. Find out more about that dark mode media query and . See the latest on information on email client support for the prefers-color-scheme query from .


Dark mode open tracking in Email on Acid Analytics

You’ll also notice that this user is viewing the Email on Acid platform in dark mode. That, however, is not because we’ve introduced dark mode settings in the app. It’s because we got this screenshot from one of our software developers. Dark mode settings are pretty popular with developers because it tends to make it easier on the eyes when you stare at code all day long.

This brings up an excellent point. Understanding your audience is key. In email marketing, “your audience” is your contact list. Knowing how they prefer to view emails helps you create an ideal inbox experience.

Let’s pretend the graphic above represents real results. In that case, around 50% of this sender’s subscribers are opening emails in dark mode. So, optimizing for those display settings is certainly going to be worth the time and effort.

Back in 2021, we used a pixel tracking hack to UAE Cell Number conduct a. Our developer discovered that as many as 14% of Email on Acid subscribers were using dark mode. We found that about two-thirds were using light mode and another 21% were unknown (the test only worked with email clients using WebKit).

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