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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came out not long after GDPR and caused a similar level of upheaval. Though just a state, California is a big state – more populated than many countries. That means plenty of companies will have people from California on their email subscriber lists. So, these email senders must abide by CCPA for those subscribers.

You can either fish all those people out of your contact list and create a unique segment of California-based subscribers, or you can use the same level of data privacy policies for all your subscribers. This could be smart if you anticipate that other states and countries are going to come around to something similar before long.

CCPA places several requirements on companies concerning personal data that go beyond GDPR. Subscribers must:

  • Know their personal data is being collected
  • Know if it’s being shared
  • Have the right to refuse the sale of their data
  • Be able to request that their data be deleted
  • Suffer no discrimination for making any requests related to this law

CCPA covers even more personal information than GDPR, because it opened up a broader definition of what “personal data” means.

– including B2B email marketing.

Because the United States does not yet have a federal data privacy law similar to GDPR, more and more states are beginning to pass their own laws. A have either passed data privacy laws or are in the process of doing so.

But, is a national data privacy law coming soon to the US?


The Amercian Data Privacy Protection Act  is the latest attempt to bring a comprehensive data privacy regulation to the U.S. As of this writing, it’s still just a bill ), and it will need to pass both the House and Senate. But so far, the ADPPA is getting largely bi-partisan support.

The hope is that this legislation would make data privacy laws in the U.S, more consistent and comparable to the EU’s GDPR. According to a , there are some key differences between the GDPR and ADPPA, but “the key principles of transparency, data minimization, necessity, and proportionality apply.”

Even though both sides of the U.S. political aisle seem to support the ADPPA, there’s still some controversy surrounding it.

One dispute being batted around regarding ADPPA concerns whether it should preempt the growing number of state-level data privacy laws. If the current version passed, it would preempt those laws but would allow for some exceptions.  where the CCPA is in place, are generally opposed to the ADPPA.

Another disagreement concerns whether consumers  Algeria Business Email List fvshould be able to file suits against companies that violate the law. The current version of the law allows for this, but it places limits on the damages. We’ll see how this plays out over the next few months.

Other international data privacy and spam laws

As you can see, the movement toward protecting consumer data isn’t slowing down. More and more countries are passing their own laws. with updates about international data privacy laws. And that lists out each country’s current data privacy laws.

For a sampling of data privacy and spam laws in various countries, use the list below.

As you can see, this quickly becomes an alphabet soup requiring a graduate degree to digest. Compliance is complex, confusing, and ever-changing. But it’s ultimately the responsibility of each company to follow these laws.

Are data privacy laws and deliverability connected?

Here’s the good news about following all these laws. It means you’re doing the right thing as an email marketer. And that means mailbox providers are more likely to see you in a positive light. A good sender reputation means better email deliverability.

But here’s another fact to consider… Even when you follow all the laws, you can still have email deliverability issues. What if you end up on a blocklist or your emails start landing spam and you have no idea why?

Compliance and deliverability are two complex topics. That’s why InboxReady offers   that provide you with dedicated technical experts. They can help with some of the more  UAE Cell Number complicated situations and answer your toughest questions. You’ll get a custom email deliverability plan. And, if you ever end up on a blocklist, our experts will mediate the situation and work with mailbox providers on your behalf.

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