Segment your audience

What if your email subscribers loved receiving your emails? Not just tolerated them as the way to learn about an occasional deal (or worse, gave you their email address in exchange for gated content and ? What if they actually looked forward to seeing your company’s name in their inbox?

Too good to be true? Not necessarily. Plenty of email marketing campaign best practices  drive clicks, and boost subscriber satisfaction. However, the one with the most potential for long-term growth is effective personalization. Studies show thatmaking this one of the most successful email marketing techniques.

We’ll discuss what email personalization is, some key personalization techniques for your email campaigns, and some tips to get started.

What exactly is personalization?

The first thing most marketers think of when they hear “personalization” is putting the recipient’s first name in the email subject line or greeting. While that’s technically personalization, it’s often superficial and can be done through automation. Showing you know your subscribers’ names doesn’t mean you know  El Salvador Business Email List them any more than reading someone’s name tag at a convention means you’re best friends.

In other words, using first names in email campaigns might make it personalized, but it’s not very personal. So, what does good t’s personalization look like?

Email personalization uses (more than just their names) to tailor

Each email to individual subscribers. This way, you can build a relationship with your customers. After all, marketing is all about customer relationship management. Although there UAE Cell Number isn’t one way to define or create personalization, your personalized emails should make each subscriber feel like your company is writing specifically to them.

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