Refresh your email designs

Have you ever received an email from a brand that just didn’t make sense to you? Like receiving a promotional campaign for new tires when you don’t own a car, or for hats and gloves when you live in a warm climate? That’s usually the work of poor email list segmentation.

It’s useful to create buckets

Of your subscribers to be able to better tailor messaging to their needs. Some examples include:

  • Demographics: By age, gender, location, or job title
  • Funnel entry: Where and how they signed up for your list in the first place
  • Engagement behavior: Who is likely to respond vs. who hasn’t engaged in a while
  • Purchase behavior: Who has Ireland Business Email List purchased  vs. who has not, and who purchases regularly vs. who does not
  • Category: Which products are they interested in?

is the first building block to our next email marketing best practice.

 Personalize email campaigns

We’re way past [first name] in terms of expectations from our subscribers. They’re savvy enough to know that you’re collecting all kinds of data about them…and they expect you to use it. A little personalization goes a long way — studies show that

This might be product recommendations, or dynamic content based on their behavior, like an abandoned cart email that actually  UAE Cell Number pulls in the item that’s in their cart. This can also be more general personalized campaigns, like sending an invitation to an event that’s in their area. The opportunities for personalization are endless if you get creative!

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