Promote your sales ahead of time

Getting noticed is partly about repetition. If every holiday email you send looks too different, your subscribers may not realize they’re all from your company. A consistent, attention-getting, branded holiday email template solves this problem.

But creating your own email templates entails a fair amount of work. There’s nothing wrong with using existing HTML email templates and adjusting them to fit your brand, as needed. Here are a few  that touch on styling, personalization, and deliverability.  Or, check out some newly designed from our friends at Mailjet. All of them are responsive email designs, which is important because lots of holiday shopping happens on mobile devices. More importantly, they’re  in mind.

8. Break down automated transactional and shipping emails

not always as exciting as marketing emails, are still an extremely important component of your holiday email marketing strategy. They can get 4x–8x more opens and clicks than bulk marketing emails. They can even make your first impression on new buyers this holiday season, so you need to make them count.

For starters, you need to make sure they show up on time. 41% of consumers wait no more than a minute for a transactional email to show up before losing patience. This is customer service, and French Guiana Business Email List you need to win at it with every transactional email.  can help you stay on top of your holiday transactional email deliverability.

Check out a few ways to  by using dynamic content to improve the subscriber experience.

9. Don’t forget personalization

According to , personalized emails see up to a 600% lift in transaction rates and revenue compared to non-personalized emails. Using merge tags, you can start by addressing the subscriber by their first name. But that’s just the beginning.

If you really want to take the email’s relevance to the next level, use dynamic content to personalize based on things like subscriber location, weather, expiring promotions, and low inventory on favorite products.

One of the most effective forms of personalization is UAE Cell Number product recommendations. Tell people about products they’re more likely to buy based on past purchases. This will lead to more purchases and a longer consumer lifetime value (LTV).

found that 45% of the most successful email marketers used personalized product recommendations and dynamic content in their email campaigns. That means 61% aren’t using these powerful segmentation strategies. Are you?

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