Personalize email campaigns

Think about all of the hours you spend designing and sending your emails. Do you know where they go once you click “send”? It’s one thing for them to be delivered. But do they land in the inbox? In Gmail’s “Promotions” no-man’s-land tab? Or worse, in junk?

Most mailbox providers use an algorithm to sort incoming emails that make it easier for their users to manage their inbox. Inbox placement is one of those elements that’s crucial to the success of your email marketing program, but it’s so fundamental it often gets overlooked.

To improve your inbox placement, think about:

  • Email authentication (see #2)
  • Increasing your email engagement and decreasing spam complaints (see #7)
  • List hygiene (see #6)

If you’re not sure how to  InboxReady is  our  Hungary Business Email List new deliverability suite, which includes predictions and reports on

4. Implement an email design system

One of the biggest changes we’ve made at Email on Acid recently is building a more consistent and effective email design process. Yes, you  UAE Cell Number can still be creative when you have a system! In fact, it’s a  that allows you to be more creative and flexible, not less.

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