Other benefits of viewing emails in a browser

In addition to the benefits listed above, here are a few more . Advantages of adding a “view this email in your browser” link:

  • Accessibility: Some screen readers may not work as well with email inboxes. In certain cases, email clients strip out semantic HTML and Accessible Rich . Internet Applications (ARIA) attributes that are used to .  Opening an email in a browser instead could help people with vision impairments avoid those issues.
  • Sharing, bookmarking, and learning: The web-hosted URL for your email campaigns could be posted on . Subscribers may even want to bookmark the web version for easy access later. Plus, there are email geeks out there who like using the web version to check out . Others use the link to share email campaign designs for review and approval.

But be aware that the web-hosted URL for some emails can’t be shared. Sometimes, the link is meant to be exclusive to the subscriber and must be clicked on from the recipient’s email for it to work.

Drawbacks of the “view in browser” link

Well, there’ll hardly be anything on the planet that only has pros, and following suit is the “view in browser” link. There are two compelling reasons you should exclude it from your Panama Business Email List  emails, but you can also get around these issues without much of a hassle.

1. Preheader problems

The most common spot to place a “view in browser” link is at  UAE Cell Number the very top in the , but the problem here is it may show up at the inbox level next to your subject line. The preheader space is prime real estate, and you need to use it wisely to boost your open rate.

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