The basics of using MJML

More on getting started with MJML

Of course, this is only the beginning of the many ways you can use MJML to code responsive HTML emails. I’m sure at this point you’ve got a few questions. That’s why we’re working on the second half of this discussion with Nicole.

In part two, I’ll ask Nicole some of the questions I hear developers asking about MJML:

  • How does MJML work with dark mode emails?
  • How do you manage to code overlapping elements?
  • How do you set up image swapping for mobile?

You don’t want to miss that video, So, make sure to

In the meantime, here are a few other places to go and learn about MJML: 

  •  Find a bunch of guides, tutorials, and more. Nicole says it’s really good.
  • :Get answers from email experts.
  • Check out this Email on Acid article from Trevor Rawls who’s a big fan of using the markup language.
  • Check out the “How to Make Responsive Coding Easy”

Use Mailjet’s MJML tutorials:


A big thank you to Nicole Hickman for sharing her expertise on MJML with us. If you want to connect with Nicole, you can find her on

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