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What do email marketers really do?

What if Blockbuster had seen the changes in movie rentals coming? They could have jumped on the opportunity to become Netflix before Netflix did (or at least become a streaming competitor). Instead, there’s onlyin the world, and you can watch a documentary about it… on Netflix.

What if railroads in the U.S. thought of themselves as transportation companies and saw the rise of airplanes and trucks as legitimate ways to move people and products?

Maybe you’ve heard that  which is the technology that contributed to the film and camera company’s eventual bankruptcy. They were stuck in their ways, resistant to change, and just didn’t see the value in it.

The same kinds of mistakes that corporations make can be made by individuals. So, how do you avoid becoming Kodak or Blockbuster?

The “why” of your email marketing job

Author/speaker is known for helping organizations and people “find their why.” Basically, that means going deeper than what you do and how you do it and identifying the purpose behind what you do. Your “why” us about what you believe.

While there’s nothing wrong with  and being a proud  it’s smart to think about what’s at the core of email marketing jobs.

Most email marketers believe in the power of timely, relevant, personalized, and meaningful messages that connect people with brands in helpful ways. You’re not just an email marketer or an email developer, you are a “customer communications expert.”

The mantra of the email marketing industry is “deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.” Maybe it’s time to add another layer to that mantra…

“Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, on the right channel.”

The “right channel” is the one that the customer prefers and is ideal for communication in certain situations. It’s not about one channel being better. There are no winners and losers. Email is not in competition with SMS or any other form of digital communication.

It’s about doing what’s right for the people on the receiving end of your messages.

So, while we’re not saying that email marketing jobs are in jeopardy, this  Sudan Business Email List could be a good time to diversify your skills as a “customer communications expert.”

T-shaped email marketers and developers

What makes someone a valuable marketer? Is it the person who’s a Jack of all trades, or is it someone with deep mastery in a certain area? It turns out, it’s a little of both.

A  is someone with in-depth knowledge in one area and working  UAE Cell Number knowledge (or at least an interest) in related areas. It makes you more valuable to your team, and it can also lead to new opportunities for career advancement.

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