Email in the next/new normal

Anne says the toughest challenge for . Her is explaining the  for clients who are unfamiliar with . Dark mode and email, it’s hard to understand why their preferred . Colors are changing for some subscribers. Anne needs to explain that she’s able to . Control colors in apple mail and ios mail and . Make text white in gmail and outlook . However, not much else can be done.

“I always bring this up in the discovery call so that we can discuss design changes that might be needed, but I don’t think it truly makes sense until they see the first-round build. There’s usually some back and forth about how this isn’t a code-related issue and that I’ve done everything possible to duplicate the mockup, but some email clients just aren’t as good as others.”

Takeaways for freelancers

Here are a few things Anne recommends when freelancing email design and development:

  • Establish a standard turnaround time of two weeks with one week set aside for coding.
  • Always get layered files to work with during development (no jpegs or PDFs).
  • Never use “cut assets” from the client.

That last tip is because white space around images can cause scaling issues for different screen sizes. You should  instead. Plus, by cutting out her own image assets, Anne can make sure they are optimized for retina displays.

Finally, here’s Anne’s tip for working with designers who aren’t accustomed to being confined to the tables that are used for HTML email layout. When Malaysia Phone Number List an in-house design team doesn’t have much experience designing for email, I tell them to think of email as a grid. They can use only squares or rectangles on that grid, and none of the squares or rectangles can intersect; they can lie on top of each other, but never intersect.

Working in a digital agency

Designer Ben Clay and developer Weng Lam both work on emails for ActionRocket, which is anand other digital communications.

Ben says one of the advantages of working for an UAE Cell Number  agency with an email focus is that everyone gets to know how things work (and what doesn’t work). He says it’s easy to forget how challenging that was when he first started designing emails.

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