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Looking for a challenge? If you’re starting to feel like you keep coding the same . kinds of emails over and over again  take a page out of Emre Demirel’s playbook.

He decided to figure out how to build an interactive email featuring a game of Rock. Paper Scissors that his subscribers could play without leaving their inboxes. Emre joined me for our latest episode of Notes from the Dev: Video Edition, and this one is sure to get your creative gears turning.

Email gamification is a cutting-edge topic in the email geek community, but it’s not often you find campaigns that can really pull it off. Emre created this interactive email game to showcase the capabilities of his email agency And he was nice enough to walk us through how he built his email masterpiece.

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What is email gamification?

Gamification has emerged as an effective way to engage and motivate people in various ways. It simply involves the introduction of gameplay where you wouldn’t normally expect it.

If you’ve used a fitness app that offers incentives or lets you earn badges – that’s gamification. If you’ve played McDonald’s Monopoly – that’s gamification too. Gamification can be used to train employees, educate students, or motivate the sales team to close deals. Even rewards and loyalty programs are a form of gamification.

Email gamification brings fun and competition to the inbox. And it might be one of the best ways to stand out from your competition, especially if you can deliver  Venezuela Business Email List an interactive email experience. However, as you’ll see in this episode of Notes from the Dev, it’s likely going to take some experimentation and hard work.

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Interactive email challenges

When Emre started thinking through how to code a Rock, Paper, Scissors game for email, he realized there would be three main challenges:

  1. He needed to create a randomizer that could display different competitor moves.
  2. He had to build application logic using only CSS to display a certain message based on the outcome of the game.
  3. The email needed conditional rendering for various email clients.

Here’s an animation showing Emre’s interactive email game in action:

If a developer were to code a game like this for the web. They’d most likely use JavaScript to get the job done. However, as you probably know. JavaScript is not supported in email, and everything needs to be built in HTML and CSS.

Emre actually used the to start developing his email game. That’s because MJML is a responsive framework that works in all the most-popular email clients. So, Emre could be confident that coding a component in MJML meant it would work just about everywhere. Find out in our episode with Nicole Hickman.

While you could try using AMP for Email to create  UAE Cell Number interactive content for Gmail users.  None of the other major mailbox providers supports AMP at this time. Emre’s Rock, Paper, Scissors interactive email game . works with clients using the rendering engine. which is mainly anyone using an Apple product.

That’s a pretty good-sized audience on most contact lists. But we’ll explain how he handled non-WebKit email clients a little later.

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