Email Marketing Terms: 150+ Definitions You Need to Know

If you’re new to email marketing, it might seem like this practice has its own language. If you find yourself saying “That’s Greek to me . We’ve got a comprehensive list of email marketing terms you need to know.

Even if you’re not a newbie, some of these email marketing terms may have flown under your radar. So, if you ever hear or read , come back to this glossary to find an answer.

We’ve organized the definitions for these email marketing terms by categories. So, if you’re looking to learn about a specific topic you can jump right to the terms you want to learn. Let’s start beefing up your email marketing vocabulary skills!

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Blast (batch-and-blast)  An email sent to a large number of recipients, often the entire subscriber list or the entire contact list. In some cases, you could consider an email to a segment of a list to be an email blast, but it would have to be a large segment.Call-to-action (CTA) The key step you want subscribers to take after reading all or part of your email, such as ‘click here’ and ‘buy now.’ When the user clicks on a call-to-action link, they’ll be taken to a landing page. The CTA often appears in the form of a  but can also be a simple text link or a graphic. Any person listed in your email database. A contact may just consist of an email address or it may include a person’s name, other contact information like a phone number, and even past order history or account data. A contact is different from a subscriber who’s opted in to receive emails. Your contacts may include people who never provided consent to receive marketing emails or who have unsubscribed.

The process of sending an email campaign to a predetermined email list or list segment.

The primary text and messaging of an email. When you open an email, you begin reading the email body, which may also include photos, graphics, animations, and links. The body begins after the greeting and ends before the email footer.Email campaign A series of emails that serves a consistent marketing purpose or goal. This could be a sale of a product or service, an invitation to an event, a contest, etc. It usually has a similar call-to-action throughout, and often includes an end point or deadline.

The computer or phone program interface used by anyone who  Russia Business Email List wants to send or receive email. An email client could be web-based, such as Yahoo or Gmail, or software-based, such as Microsoft Outlook, iOSMail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. See Inbox Service Provider. Find out more about

Friendly from

A sender name that features a person’s name, rather than the name of a company or an email address. It comes across as more personal than receiving email from a company, but can also cause confusion if subscribers aren’t familiar with the name being used.

From address

This is the email address of record that is sending the email. It may be different than the actual person who is really sending the email. For example, [email protected] could be the from address, but a variety of people within a company could be able to send emails using that address. The from address does not have to be the same as the reply-to address. GANGA Gmail App for Non Google Accounts is email terminology for when someone uses the Gmail app for an email address that UAE Cell Number  is not a Gmail account. Get more info on Inbox Service Provider (ISP)  web-based platform that powers the ability for users to send and receive emails. This is where your email address ‘lives’. Most inbox service providers offer this service at no charge, but may include ads or offer additional paid services. Others, like Rackspace, offer premium email service for a fee. (AKA mailbox provider, MBP)

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