Measure your email marketing success

What’s working? What’s not? How many emails do you send, and which ones perform the best? You might already have pulled the numbers from 2022, but an email marketing audit is a little more than that.  gives you a holistic picture of the entire program, from your automated emails to one-off email campaigns.

First look at your overall

Numbers for the year. Then, it’s time to drill down into your individual campaigns, automated emails,  and your list segmentation. Ask yourself:

  • Is the content and design aligned with our current branding?
  • Are all links working and to pages that are still relevant?
  • Is the email accessible?
  • Is there a clear audience for this email? Which segment?
  • Did the subject line and preheader text work? Meaning, how many opens did the email receive?
  • Are subscribers engaging with the  Portugal Business Email List email content by reading, clicking, or responding?
  • Did the email achieve its objective? (Traffic, signups, sales, etc.)

Once you understand how you’re doing, you can start making a plan to address the gaps.

B2B Email List

2. Strengthen your email authentication

SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI…oh, my! Email authentication is one of the most confusing (but important) elements of an email marketing program. Without a strong email authentication in place, you open yourself up to spoofing from scammers — eroding trust in your brand and hurting your deliverability in the process.

You’ll want to brush up on all of your  and make sure they’re strong and working. But the biggest opportunity for your email marketing success may be DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance).

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