Email is a versatile digital marketing channel

Yet another thing that separates email from other channels is that it is , which is a term the legendary coined back in the ‘90s.  Email is not traditional interruption marketing. Assuming you’re not a spammer, your email subscribers signed up to hear from you. They want your emails. They don’t wantYouTube pre-rolls.

Nathan She sees this as a benefit of email marketing for recipients as well as senders.

“We live in this age of infinite digital media that encourages non-stop hasty digestion of content but email is in the back of the room saying: ‘Take your time, you can read me at your own pace, I’m not going anywhere.’”

~ Nathan She, Blueshift Labs

It’s a great point! You pass a billboard on the highway and it’s gone. You skip a video ad, mute the TV commercials, and ignore 99.9% of banner ads. But subscribers choose to open and engage with your emails. That’s saying something.

6. Email delivers delight to subscribers

Perhaps one reason there are so many email marketing benefits is that subscribers never really know what to expect when they open a new message from your brand. A good subject line sparks their curiosity, and then email marketers can deliver delights.

ActionRocket Senior Designer Sam Beddoes appreciates the power of the unexpected email experience.

“I love that email is a medium that you can still surprise people with. When you talk about email, people imagine boring text-based work emails or some  UK Phone Number List kind of unwanted spam. This gives us great space to create something really surprising for people – whether it’s a full-screen impactful poster-style image, a bit of suave GIF animation, or super-cool interactive content, there’s a lot of stuff you can use that most other people sending out emails would never even think of.”

Need a little inspiration? Check out explore the collection at  or scroll through our list of. Even business-as-usual emails can surprise your subscribers. Why not try some that delights?

7. Email is an unsung marketing hero

While it’s not entirely clear who invented email, we do know it’s been around for decades. Email has become such an integral part of our everyday lives that it’s easy to forget how powerful it can be.

Content Marketing Manager Bex Highfield says one UAE Cell Number of her favorite benefits of email marketing is how it’s almost like a secret weapon that gives brands a competitive edge.

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