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Earlier, I mentioned that when I was developing email components, I basically created my own coding system. I also talked about how Parcel was an integral tool when creating our email design system.

Parcel really helped us improve our design system game and I’m excited to show you all more about how it works. What we were able to do with it is going to save email developers tons of time, and Avi and I plan to tell you more in the near future.

Just to give you a hint, it involves the of Parcel, and it provided a ton of speed, efficiency, and flexibility as we worked to build a unified system for three brands.

Keep an eye on the Email on Acid blog and  so you don’t miss out on the sequel to our behind-the-scenes adventure into email design systems.


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The answer to the question “boxers or briefs?” might tell you something about a person’s choice in undies or perhaps their personality. But what if you asked marketing teams if they use an email marketing brief or not?

While that has nothing to do with undergarments, drawers, bloomers, or skivvies – teams  Mayotte Business Email List that write up email marketing briefs know how it supports a creative vision and the strategy. (See what we did there?)

Maybe you’ve heard of marketing briefs and creative

briefs before, but you’ve never used one as an email marketer. So, what goes into creating one of them, how do they help, and how do you write a brief for email marketing purposes? Let’s get some answers.

A creative brief or marketing brief is an internal document that’s  UAE Cell Number created at the start of a project to help communicate details, dates, and strategic guidance. Depending on the project, the marketing brief may serve as an outline, and it should include important information such as the project’s purpose, the target audience, the key message, and the deadline.

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