Many email marketers are also

In the dark when it come to email that are open in darke mode. A couple of years ago, we came up with a. DIY hacked that has been built into the Email on Acid platform. Now you can track dark mode opens in our . Advanced Analytics to get a better idea of how much of your list prefers a darker user interface. That helps you decide if optimizing your campaign designs for dark mode emails is worth the effort (Hint: It probably is). InboxReady joins the family InboxReady logo on yellow background Early in the summer of 2022, Email on.

Acid welcomed a new arrival

To our website: InboxReady – a comprehensive email deliverability suite. While the service was first made available to Mailgun customers, we decided to let this tool loose for everyone to benefit from. Just like Email on  France Business Email List Acid, it doesn’t matter what ESP you’re using. InboxReady can help improve your  sender reputation and the deliverability of any email program. Features include: Inbox placement reports that predict where your email will land. The ability to quickly clean up your contact list with Email Verifications. The option to validate new email contacts at signup.

Spam trap identification

To automatically keep them off your list. Blocklist monitoring to make sure you’re not getting in hot water with mailbox providers And more… When you use Email on Acid and InboxReady together, you’ve got yourself a powerful one-two punch. InboxReady helps make sure your messages make  UAE Cell Number it to subscribers’ inboxes, and Email on Acid makes sure they look good when they’re opened. Get Started for Free Email Camp: Road Trip Edition Email camp logo with character driving on a road trip We love being part of Email Camp because it’s a chance to get the whole gang together. In 2022, the virtual event took on a road trip theme and dedicated an entire day to email development.

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