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Increase readability to easily debug your code When you use a consistent code format, it increases your code’s readability and lets you debug errors in the code efficiently. For example, if you spot a mistake while testing your email, you can go back and find the bug in your code easily. If you haven’t formatted the code correctly, it will take longer to sift through the HTML and find the bug. See the code below. Can you spot the two mistakes? Which is easier to debug? Example one:2. Add or remove sections with ease When you’re creating emails from scratch, you’ll probably find yourself re-using elements across multiple emails.

When emails have properly formatted

Source code, you can easily scan the email and copy sections for other emails. 3. Streamline your team’s workflow Formatting code’s essential when you’re working as part of a development team. If everyone on the team is using the same code format, developers will  Croatia Business Email List be able to easily jump in and out of it. Best practices for formatting HTML email code Now that we know why it’s crucial to format HTML code properly, here are some best practices to get you started. Add consistency. Indent your code. Use comments, but not too many. Use character encoding. Stick to inline CSS.

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How can you add consistency to an

HTML email template? Email developers and web developers each have a unique way of writing their code. But, one of the most important parts of writing code is consistency, which means coding in a uniform style across all emails. Code in a clean, uniform UAE Cell Number way to make your work recognizable but also easy to understand. How should you indent email code? Indenting code is the first and most important step to creating a beautifully formatted HTML email. Look at the example below – it shows how even a simple table structure can look daunting without indentation.

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