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Whatever your approach might be, any email marketing team will benefit from having a defined email design system.


What is a design system?

A design system includes a set of standards used to create a collection of reusable components. These components (or email modules) share a consistent visual style, which typically follows brand guidelines.

It’s helpful to think of a design system like a set of building blocks or Lego bricks. Each component is a block, and you can use those content blocks to build a variety of things.

Likelanding pages, newsletters, or advertisements).

In an email design system, you’ll have headers, footers, titles. CTA buttons Namibia Business Email List hero images, and logos, just to name a few potential components.

The benefits of an email design system

Meet the team that created our email design system

I recently talked to my colleagues, Sr. Graphic Designer Francois Sahli and Email Marketing Manager Julia Ritter, about how the system benefits all three of us


Depending on the complexity of the campaigns you design and develop, I feel confident saying that an email design system could shave hours off the production process. With our new design system, an email that requires an entire workday to  just a couple of hours.

“It takes the pressure off when we get last-minute

One of the biggest reasons a design system saves time is because so much is pre-built. As Email Marketing Manager Julia Ritter puts it, we don’t have to “bug each other” as often. The system gives us the flexibility to do more in less time.

For example, because Julia has some basic HTML editing UAE Cell Number experience, she can use components to assemble common emails, such as newsletters for our three brands. And she can do it with minimal design and development requests. The design system gives us flexibility with out-of-the-ordinary emails too.

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