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A lot of digital marketing agencies use creative briefs to pass along information from person to person. For example, the account manager may have special requests from the client, and the creative director may have important ideas and directions to share. All that needs to be communicated to copywriters, designers, and developers in a clear, consistent way.

Whether it’s a hard copy or a digital document, the marketing brief travels between team members and stakeholders to make sure everyone is on the same page and following the same plan.

A brief can also be helpful for larger internal teams, or it can serve as athat are working together asynchronously. Briefs can help freelancers manage client projects, and they can even help a stay on track.

Types of creative marketing briefs

Nearly every type of creative marketing brief will include answers to some common questions: What brand is it for? What’s the goal of the project? Who is the target audience or persona? And the brief usually comes with a timeline of project milestones, or at least the main deadline.

Of course, different types of marketing projects have unique requirements and details that  Mauritius Business Email List are specific to what’s being created. Here are some examples of what you might find in various types of creative briefs:

Design creative briefs provide info

  • on the brand and the style guidelines to follow. They’ll also include specifications for sizes and file types as well as links to assets and examples.
  • Ad campaign briefs will have details on ad placement, targeting, budget, timeline, KPIs, and expected results for measuring success.
  • Content marketing briefs may provide instructions on the word count, keywords for SEO, resources for research, and an outline containing key points for an article or blog post.
  • Web development briefs will include website features and functionality, key pages, as well as info on the domain, hosting, and other technical specifications.

Likewise, an email marketing campaign has its own unique set of details to UAE Cell Number communicate, and an email marketing brief provides answers to all the questions that come up before you hit send. Let’s take a closer look.

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