Is Barracuda a spam filter or a blocklist

Basically, you got on this blocklist because you either sent a dangerous email or you have pristine spam traps (honeypots) on your contact list. If you’ve got a honeypot email address on your list, it means that, at some point, someone either purchased contacts or scraped the web for email addresses. And that’s not cool.

It’s certainly possible this is not your fault. Maybe you were hacked, and bad actors are using your domain or IP. Maybe someone before your time conducted some shady  Whatever the case, you’ve got to fix things ASAP.

Where to go for Barracuda blocklist removal

If you plan to work on blocklist removal yourself, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit  and check out the form.
  2. Enter your sending IP address to identify what should be removed from the blocklist.
  3. Give them an email address where the right person can be reached with follow-up questions.
  4. Provide a detailed explanation of what happened and why you should be removed.

It could take 12 hours or more for you to hear an initial response to your blocklist removal request, and even then, you may have to answer some questions  Hong Kong Business Email List and clarify a few things. Good luck!

The good news is that our that getting listed on the BRBL typically has a low impact on email delivery. But it could hurt more if you’re a B2B brand sending to Outlook and G-Suite addresses that are more likely to use Barracuda.

Get email deliverability help from InboxReady

If all of this feels a little overwhelming, there is help out there, and there are tools that can help you prevent problems with spam filters and blocklists from ever happening in the first place.

is a complete email deliverability suite. Among the services we offer is our   which includes blocklisting notifications. That means you can fix a sticky situation before you launch your next big email campaign.

There are also plenty of other beneficial tools in the InboxReady platform. That includes  which can help you keep your list clean as well as find and  that could get you blocklisted. Plus,gives you amazing insights into deliverability. You can even predict if your messages will land in the inbox, spam, or the Gmail promotions tab before you hit send.

While you can use InboxReady and Email on Acid by Sinch separately, when you put them together you’ll put your best email forward while giving it the best chance of reaching every subscriber on your list.

Finally, we’ve made it through this entire article without making any references to the classic rock song from Heart. Ladies and gentlemen… straight from 1977, we give you “Barracuda”.

This article was updated on October 17, 2022. It was first published in January of 2013.


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