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We’ll create something that’s seven-plus modules long, so it gives the client scope, but in the end, they’ll probably only use two or three modules.”

Doug Dennison, CEO and founder, ency to create it for you, be sure to build out various modules that may be useful in the future. Sure, you may not use all seven or eight modules at once, but it’ll be useful later. Having the right module ready can save you time and headaches from trying to fit content into the wrong layout.

6. Make it responsive – mobile-responsive

Remember, many of your readers probably see your emails on mobile devices. Don’t alienate them. Use to create templates that adapt to different screen sizes. Improve readability and boost your customer experience.

As always, if you’re unsure about how your email will look, head over to our  and see your email message on different iOS and Android devices in real-time.

7. Remember to test

Above all, Dennison says, it’s crucial to test every template, every time. Sure, templates are a great starting point, but any change to the content in the template could throw off rendering.

Email on Acid Previews

Test your template, even if it’s one you’ve used before. We do it with our email newsletter every month. We do it with practically every campaign we send.

“Testing is often secondary to the importance of getting Bangladesh Business Email List  the email out [of] the door, but it’s so important to take that step in-between and test to make sure it looks right. To not test your templates is just crazy.”

Doug Dennison, CEO and founder, 

Complement your template with a winning email practice

Now that you have a great template with a beautiful email design for your audience, don’t snooze on good email content or your sending practices. Here are some best practices to keep the good times going:

  • Create an engaging email subject line that inspires your readers to open your message. Keep those open rates up! Not sure what works best? Try  your subject line.
  • Use email list segmentation to target sections of your audience. Don’t spam your entire mailing list with the same content. This sort of “spray and pray” method never works. Instead, hit targeted segments of your list with tailored content. Then, guide them to your landing page with a well-crafted CTA.
  • Take advantage of email automation and build better templates for all of your transactional messages and behavior-based emails. For example, you can integrate the Mailgun by Sinch sending platform with your application to take advantage of the . Mailgun even has its own drag-and-drop.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap on email template design. Ready to UAE Cell Number  get templating today? Regardless of the type of email that you’re sending, Mailjet’s template library has something for your needs. Or ready to jazz up your email even more? Try using interactive elements.

As always, before you hit send, test your emails with our Campaign Precheck tool to ensure your emails display as you intend! for seven days.

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