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why it’s so important to format your code properly Another development style decision is what size to make the indentation, which comes down to personal preference. Our advice is to do what works for you, but remember: consistency is key. Many code editors including our Email Editor will automatically indent code, making your code beautiful and easy to read every time.

Should you include comments in email code

It’s generally safe to use comments in your code. They help you remember the purpose for specific bits of code and can also mark the end of sections. But, there’re a few things to consider. Be aware that CSS comments can cause things to break in Gmail. So be sure to test and preview if you don’t remove them before hitting send. If you include too many comments  Latvia Business Email List in the code, it can drive up the file size. But minifying email code should remove comments. Gmail will clip messages that exceed 102KB in file size. Another consideration is that your code isn’t hidden; anyone can access it with just a few clicks. Keep this in mind when writing your code, and make sure your comments won’t offend anyone.

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Why is character encoding important

Character encoding allows certain special characters to render correctly in your rich text email. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide on character encoding and our character converter. Why should you stick to inline CSS? CSS enables  UAE Cell Number you to add formatting and styles to your HTML code. But mailbox providers treat CSS differently than web browsers. While there are mailbox providers that support adding CSS styles to the <head>, you are safest sticking to inline styles. It’s a good practice to format your code by using inline CSS instead of embedding your CSS in the <head> of your email or through a separate style sheet. Inlining your CSS ensures it will render properly. There are some email developers who do both.

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