Web Fonts and the Use of Font Stacks in Email Design

So you’ve written amazing copy for your next email marketing campaign. But your email still looks a bit boring.

How about some fun fonts to jazz up that email? In this article, we’ll talk about  and how to use them in your HTML email designs. This gives you access to a much wider variety of fonts than the few that come pre-installed on all devices. Think of the design possibilities this opens!

However, as we’ll discuss below, not all are supported by different email clients or web browsers. When that happens, your funky font choice might look funky for a different reason.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain how font stacks in HTML emails help you maintain some control over which fonts email clients display.

What’s the difference between web fonts and web-safe fonts?

Again, there are a number of fonts that come pre-installed on almost every device.

The only caveat is there’s a shortlist of web-safe fonts, and these fonts can Sudan Business Email List  be a bit boring if you’re trying to match your brand’s chosen typeface or make your email design stand out from the crowd. Here’s a

  • Helvetica
  • Verdana
  • Sans Serif
  • Georgia
  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • American Typewriter

In other words, there’s a chance the web font may not display as intended due to differences in web browsers and email clients. Even though it takes a few extra steps to use web fonts, they can improve your email campaign design. A few reasons why you’d want to use web fonts instead of web-safe fonts are:

  • You’ll have more creative freedom. Web-safe fonts can be a bit limiting in terms of email design. With web fonts, you’ll have access to a lot more fonts which can add that extra edge to your email campaign.
  • You’ll stand out from the crowd. The inbox is a crowded place. Keep your reader’s attention once they open your emails with strategic use of creative fonts.
  • You’ll develop a strong visual brand identity – without having to use images. Many famous brands use very recognizable fonts. When you see it, it reminds you of the brand, even if it isn’t brand-name. You can use web fonts to consistently develop your own visual brand identity without having to resort to images.

The most common reason for using a specific web font in email marketing is that a brand wants to use a specific font for which they are already recognized. Email developers may be asked to include a certain custom font because it is the one identified for use for headlines and copy in other digital assets.

But then … someone in the company sees an email in Outlook and wonders why you’re using Times New Roman. That’s the problem we’ll address later in this article.

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What are some things to consider before using web fonts?

Before we dive into how to get the right fonts to display in your  UAE Cell Number email campaigns, we should consider a few things:

  • Email client support
  • Readability and accessibility
  • Licensing

Let’s dig into each of these in more detail below.


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