Important Elements of an Email Campaign

et’s explore some parameters you can code into your mailto link (and why you should). Here are some of the fields you can specify:

  • Recipient addresses: With mailto links, you can specify exactly where you want your subscriber to send their email reply by entering a recipient address field, otherwise known as a “to” address. This makes it easier to keep track of different email conversations and ensure the right people in your organization receive these messages.
  • Subject line: Set a subject line to easily spot and categorize your readers’ replies.
  • Bcc and Cc addresses: With mailto links, you Bcc and Cc team members. This way, everyone who needs to see these messages can stay engaged in specific conversations.
  • Email bodies. Have you ever received a long, rambling email from your customer only to find out what they want at the very end of their message? It’s not fun. Code mailto links to provide your readers with prepopulated questions they can answer.

How can I create an HTML email link?

Now that you know why you should use mailto links and the disadvantages to be aware of, it’s time to learn how to code a mailto link in your email template with HTML and CSS.

In this section, we’ll cover how to code:

  1. A simple mailto link.
  2. A mailto link with Bcc and Cc email addresses.
  3. An HTML email link with a subject line.
  4. A mailto with a populated email body.

Before we start…

We know you’re itching to dive in, but let’s get some housekeeping out of the way. For the following tutorial, you’ll need a working knowledge of  Nepal Business Email List HTML and CSS. Check out our and some  to catch up to speed.

Alternatively, check out  to hit the ground running. This code generator helps you start with  you can use in your email template.

1. How can I code a simple mailto link?

Check out this basic mailto link:

<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Get in touch!</a>

Let’s break it down:

  • <a>: is an HTML tag
  • href: is an attribute of the HTML <a> tag used to specify a link’s destination.
  • mailto: precedes the “to” email address. This UAE Cell Number ..designates the person responsible for responding to specific queries as the recipient email address that opens up in your reader’s default email client.

Pretty simple, right? Let’s mix it up.

To add more than one “to” email address, simply separate them with commas:

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