What are some things to avoid when adding images to emails

Do you know that one annoying guy at work who’s always interrupting people during meetings, constantly talks about himself, and keeps on making rookie mistakes?

You don’t want to be that guy. But let’s face the music. There are a lot of people out there who find certain types of email marketing to be just as annoying. (We know. It’s crazy. But it’s true.)

If your email strategy comes across like the annoying coworker everyone avoids, subscribers will tune out, opt-out, or maybe even mark your messages as spam.

The most commonly cited reason for unsubscribing from an email list is “getting too many emails in general.” But that answer was given by just 26% of respondents in a  study. There are a lot of other effective ways to annoy your subscribers.

In email marketing, you need to attract attention. But you don’t want to get attention by annoying people so much that they want to hurl their computers or smartphones through the window.

Or maybe you do… If that’s the case, have we got a blog post for you!

Here are ten ways to use email marketing to annoy your subscrib

1. Batch and blast them into oblivion

Guess what MarketingSherpa found to be the second-most cited reason for unsubscribing? Irrelevant emails prompted 21% of respondents to say so-long to a brand’s marketing messages. And, an effective way to send irrelevant emails is to deliver the same message to everyone on your list.

Simply blasting every contact with identical offers, discounts, and content is old-school thinking. It will only resonate with a subset of your audience, and it will annoy or turn off the rest of them.

Segmentation and email personalization are essential if you want to stay relevant and be useful to the majority of your subscribers, with every email.While brands have taken to creating light-hearted 404 error pages with a sprinkle of humor, there’s nothing funny about clicking a CTA button only to find it was a broken link.

Your expertly written, beautifully designed email convinced people to click. They have high expectations for what’s to come. And then? What a letdown. And what a perfect way to annoy email subscribers.

This one is so easy to avoid. Just do a quick pre-send validation  Morocco Business Email List of all your links using Email on Acid’s  tool. The importance of this cannot be overstated. For example, you could have automated emails and templates with outdated URLs.

Web content gets moved. Products get discontinued. New websites get launched. Any of these things could cause broken links in emails. Validate your links unless you want your emails to be annoying.

 Accidentally curse at them

When a toddler mispronounces a word and accidentally swears, it’s hilarious. When an unintended curse word shows up in an email campaign, at least some of your subscribers are going to be annoyed.

A run-of-the-mill typo is one thing. And colorful language might work for some brands. But accidentally including offensive words in your copy or email subject line is likely to spell disaster.

Sometimes, this can even happen because of how a subject UAE Cell Number  line is awkwardly cut off on mobile devices. Or it could be that you were writing about shirts and the “R” button on your keyboard stopped working.

If you really want to annoy subscribers, throw in some unnecessary F-bombs. But if you’d rather avoid accidental swearing, don’t leave all the proofreading up to a frazzled editor on their third energy drink of the night.

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