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Decides they would really prefer Comic Sans for your font (or some other equally ridiculous design request), testing allows you to make an informed argument. Once you’ve chosen what to test, you’ll need to pick a metric you’ll measure to determine which version is the winner.

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Testing software out there for this, many ESPs, including Mailjet, offer email A/B testing as part of the platform. Email optimization results from Mailjet split testing  Belgium Business Email List This test is optimizing an email for open rates. So, it likely tests the subject line and preview text.

B2B Email List

The bottom line

Email A/B testing and multivariate testing give you a way to understand your list (or certain segments) and how they engage with marketing emails. That helps you understand what works and what converts so you can optimize emails, create effective emails, and  UAE Cell Number build a better strategy.Start improving your email optimization strategy Email optimization is all about continuous improvement. What worked last month may not work this month — whether due to the shifting preferences of your audience, the fickle whims of email clients, or updating your own brand sensibilities. Stay on top of this ever-changing world by combining pre-send and A/B testing.

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