How to Use Faux Absolute Positioning in Email

With the  in place, you can segment your list by things like gender or more granular characteristics like buyer personas, geolocation, or even devices. To dig deeper into the subject, the email examples below demonstrate eight great email segmentation ideas:

1. Dig into demographics

The complexity and degree to which a marketer can segment a list vary greatly. For beginners, don’t overcomplicate your segmentation strategy. Start small by pulling the basic demographics you may have collected when they opted in, such as age, gender, location, or job title.

While this type of information seems trivial at first glance, simply knowing the age range of your different target markets can take your  Jamaica Business Email List email conversions to the next level. For example, you may want to deliver very different messaging, content, or product recommendations to Gen Z subscribers as opposed to Baby Boomers.

Of course, you may have chosen to ask for nothing more than a name and email when people on your list first subscribed. Can you still find ways to segment your list? You bet.

2. Send emails with surveys

When it comes to crafting an opt-in box or signup form, less is more. If you create too many “required” fields, your prospect could bounce right off your website. So how do you gather all that meaty information aboutUAE Cell Number  your subscribers to effectively segment your mailing list based on their interests, emotions, and needs? Make an email campaign with a survey. By surveying your audience, you can tap into what motivates them or analyze their psychographic makeup and segment from there.

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