How to achieve overlapping elements in emails

There’s one clear goal for creating gated thought leadership content such as e-books and white papers: get more leads. Email helps you achieve that simply by delivering the requested resource. It’s also the main piece of information prospects provide in exchange for accessing your premium resources. Essentially, a valid email address is how they “pay” for your most valuable content.

But what happens after that?

Few leads convert after reading just one resource. Especially for  lead generation has a longer life cycle. Your attempt to build authority with a new contact through thought leadership begins when they request your lead magnet. After that comes the important work of nurturing them using email to offer more helpful content.

Here are a few other things you can do through email regarding lead-generation content:

Motivate your leads to consume the content

Lots of e-books are sent but never read. Webinars are never attended. Videos are never viewed. Use email to inspire more leads to look at the content they said they wanted but might be too busy to look at right away.

Create an email nurture sequence to overcome this barrier. In that sequence, you can pull out specific quotes or juicy tidbits. You can  Panama Business Email List send testimonials from others who have already consumed the content or ones that speak to your helpfulness and thought leadership authority. Sometimes it’s as simple as reminding your reader what they already have waiting for them to consume.

Connect leads to other content

Use the nurture sequence to direct them  UAE Cell Number to other content. By showing you’ve thought past step one, you build thought leadership and become an authority in the eyes of a lead before they ever pay you a cent.

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