Celebrating email history

Shannon also says certain people on the marketing team will benefit from checking out email analytics. Seeing some hard numbers helps them understand why one approach works better than another.

In a large organization, email geeks may also find themselves advocating for email as an effective marketing channel. Of course, an experienced email marketer can also explain the intricacies of email strategy. Shannon wants the marketers she works with to understand that emails aren’t used the same ways as web pages, and they aren’t digital brochures either.

“People interact with emails in a very different way than print or a webpage. The goals, layout, design, etc. of an email need to be handled accordingly. Email is interesting in that you can interact with someone almost directly. Email is personal. But it’s a delicate balance of trying to connect with someone, to stay relevant while competing with other emails, and not sending to someone too much.”

Takeaways for large organizations

If email is a major part of your marketing and communications strategy, make some standard email training part of the onboarding process. Someone who’s spent most of their career developing or creating content for websites alone will certainly learn some valuable info.

A specific section for email design in your brand style guide that illustrates the ways colors, fonts, images, and more are used will also help. Highlight what’s different about email design in comparison to print, web, and other channels. Provide some basic email design dos and don’ts to set boundaries and establish best practices.

When email developers and designers work together, it’s important to decide what your goals are first. What’s the reason for the email? When you know that, you can work towards the best way to design and code the message.

Understanding the purpose of an email is essential to good design and development. It’s not really about your brand guidelines or what you’re capable of building. It’s about what’s right for your subscribers.

“When email developers and designers work  Mexico Phone Number List together, it’s important to decide what your goals are first. What’s the reason for the email? ”

No matter what type of company you work for, or what type of email marketing project you’re undertaking, there are some surefire ways to improve teamwork between email developers and designers.

Expanding your knowledge and knowing your limits

When designers know a little bit about coding, and developers have an eye for design, it can be much easier to communicate. Luckily, that was the case with me and my design partner, Francois. He brought some knowledge of HTML and CSS to the table, and I’ve been employed as a graphic designer doing branding and working on award-winning children’s books.

It’s great when a designer knows some HTML. Stripping UAE Cell Number  it back to knowing how tables work is ideal, and understanding general content hierarchy, such as headings and paragraph tags, are probably the most important elements to understand.

Of course, in some cases, a designer’s coding experience can cause problems. As mentioned, there are significant differences between web and email development. Francois says that can cause communication failures between designers and email developers.

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