Email is an unsung marketing hero

Subject lines and preheaders: Screen readers and voice readers vocalize subjects and preheaders so subscribers know what your email is about. Never leave these fields blank and be intentional with what you write to entice people to open your emails.

Keyboard navigation: In many cases, subscribers with impairments use their keyboard to consume and interact with your email – so make sure your campaigns are optimized specifically for keyboard navigation! This includes using :focus indicators and adding a skip navigation link.

ARIA: Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) adds a descriptive layer of information to your code to help tools like screen readers. While this encompasses some of what we’ve already discussed (like role=”presentation”) there is more involved. You can learn more in our blog post about

User testing for accessibility audits

While the tools we listed above should definitely be a part of your accessibility audit, nothing beats testing with real people. One way to do this is by manually  Canada Phone Number List using assistive technology like screen readers to engage with your email campaigns. But it’s even better if you can find people who have disabilities to test things themselves.

Why accessibility audits are worth the effort

While all of these steps may seem a bit tedious. An email accessibility audit is absolutely worth every second of time invested. By committing to more accessible emails. you’re increasing the chances that people convert. From your campaigns, decreasing. Your risk of legal ramifications, and, most importantly, contributing to a more inclusive online landscape.

So take the time to audit your email campaigns UAE Cell Number regularly and ensure that every one of your subscribers. Can engage with and benefit from them. And with you can even incorporate accessibility checks into your final checkpoint before clicking the “send” button, ensuring that every email is user-friendly every single time.

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