How do I pick the right image format for emails

Bigger is better, right? Not necessarily. Spammers have been known to use images with large file sizes. So picking the right image format can protect your email’s deliverability and decrease load time. Both are important for keeping your email subscribers engaged.

Here are some common image formats we recommend, as well as some pros and cons for each format:

  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG): PNGs are a lossless format with a 24-bit color palette, which means it produces high-resolution images. You can also make PNGs transparent, which is great for accommodating background images or text. The only drawback: PNGs are much larger than JPEGs or GIFs.
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG or JPG): JPEGs are a lossy format with a 24-bit color palette. This means that while JPEGs are much smaller than PNGs and GIFs, some image information is lost as the image file is compressed during email transmission.
  • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF): GIFs are an animated lossless format with an 8-bit color palette. They’re great for showcasing multiple products and for adding some interactivity to your email design. However, GIFs are also quite large, and their 8-bit palette means there is some color reduction.

What is alt text?

Alt text is the text part of the HTML alt tag attribute that describes an image. Screen readers read alt text aloud to help visually impaired users navigate web pages. Alt text also helps SEO by helping search engines “read” your image.

More importantly, when images are blocked by their email client or fail to Mozambique Business Email List  load, alt text can help “fill in the blank.” Many email clients will display the alt text when images are blocked. In other words, alt text can improve the readability of your emails by providing context for images even when they aren’t displayed.

Check out our tutorial on  in your HTML email designs.

How do I use images to support brand identity?

Just like you maintain a brand voice in your copy, you can use strong visual designs and email templates to create an instantly recognizable visual “voice.” Consistent color schemes and cohesive image content target specific marketing demographics and build a unique brand identity.

Remember, pictures are powerful, but an off-brand meme can distract  UAE Cell Number your subscribers and detract from your on-brand message.

When you use images in your emails, remember to stay on-brand and pick appropriate visuals. Also, consider coordinating with your social media and marketing teams to create a cohesive visual voice across different marketing streams that appeal to your desired user base.

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