Follow these holiday email deliverability tips

You’ve probably heard the marketing saying, “It’s all about reaching the right person with the right message at the right time and with the right media.” That sounds great, but how do you do it? Since email marketers aren’t in the business of mind reading (usually), email list segmentation can work wonders, especially during the holidays.

With the proper analytics and reporting in place, you can segment your list by simple things like age and gender, down to more granular characteristics like geolocation and the devices your subscribers use to read email. You can also segment by browsing behavior, shopping behavior, cart profile, and average order size. Remember that people buy many gifts during the holidays, which means they’ll be shopping for others.

Segmenting your list by geolocation can be seriously powerful. Gathering this piece of information is as easy as adding a ZIP code to your purchase or opt-in form.

For the holidays, you can also create segments that’ll be uniquely effective with holiday email campaigns. For instance, you can target people who like to shop early, wait until the last minute, download specific gift guides, and are on the edge of a shipping cutoff date based on their location..

3. Set up a preference center

If you don’t have the right data to segment your list, introducing a preference center gives subscribers the chance to segment themselves for you. It also gives them the chance to unsubscribe. But that’s inevitable, especially during the holidays, as brands worldwide ramp up their email-sending frequency.

While you can’t retain every subscriber thinking about leaving your list, you can greatly reduce the number of unsubscribes by integrating an email preference center into Ecuador Business Email List  your process. An email preference center is a landing page the subscriber arrives at after they hit the unsubscribe button. The page allows them to take various actions: update their email address, change the frequency of the mailings, and even opt out for good.

4. Use your data wisely

Do you have multiple email lists? Tons of different  UAE Cell Number products? During the holiday season, when you’re hitting the email sends hard, let your subscribers tell you when and what they want to hear about through your preference center.

By leveraging this strategy, you can deliver hyper-customized campaigns and mitigate unsubscribes. You might even boost your open and click rates in the process. Win-win!

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