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Even though it’s been years since the European Union enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), plenty of people still have questions about how to follow the law.

That’s no surprise. Legal stuff can get pretty complicated, and every organization and situation is unique. Email marketers collect personal data, which means all of us are on the hook for protecting the contact information we use to do our jobs.

So where can you go to find reliable GDPR resources?

Email on Acid scoured the internet for the best places for email marketers to learn and explore the ins and outs of GDPR compliance.

Check out the following GDPR resources. As you do, you just might find that many of the  that you’re already following also help you follow data privacy laws.

Official GDPR resources

There’s no more authoritative resource for GDPR information than the EU itself. for the official home of this important data privacy regulation.

On the website you’ll find a lot of information, which you know you can trust since it comes straight from the EU.

  • Get an overview of GDPR
  • Discover and other data privacy initiatives
  • Find answers to your questions in a
  • View templates to help you create forms and web pages for GDPR compliance:or privacy notice)

This official website should be your first stop, and it contains plenty of helpful GDPR resources. There’s even an article addressing

Understanding the basics of GDPR

Of course, you’re probably not a lawyer, and you might want things explained in simpler terms. Need a little background on how this regulation came to be and why we need it? Some top business and technology Taiwan Business Email List publications have comprehensive articles that explain the story behind GDPR.or details as well. Because you know those Wikipedia editors are going to be on top of everything in the data protection law.

Mailjet breaks down GDPR requirements for email marketers

Our friends atave put together an all-encompassing GDPR resource that’s aimed at email marketers like you.Visio find answers to common questions as well as helpful articles. There’s even aou can download to  UAE Cell Number guide you through compliance.You can trust Mailjet as one of the best GDPR resources because this brand has been on top of compliance since Day 1. The email service provider was theve GDPR certification from ANFOR. Mailjet is also based in Europe and has its data centers in EU countries. That (among many other reasons) means you can also trust Mailjet as a GDPR-compliant ESP.

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